ProAir 12V Air Conditioning Split System Kit with Ducted Evaporator

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Exclusive! This is the same unit that is presently installed in Roadtrek e-Trek and Adventurous vans. This same option on the Roadtrek vans is a $4420 upgrade option.

Due to the large capacity of the evaporator and condenser used, Roadtrek claims a output of 22,000BTU at 60-100Amps @ 12VDC offering a total COP of over 2.0

This is a complete kit. Will require assembly and proper fill.

You will receive:

  1. ProAir 109 Under mount or roof mount condenser, large surface area with fans.  Size: 10"x30"x13" 30LB
  2. ProAir 12V Compressor with rubber isolation mounts

    Size 8.27 x 5.98 x 5.31"  12.1LB

  3. ProAir 981 Ducted Evaporator 7 Speed Variable Blower Evaporator. Size 17.2" W x 6.5" Tall x 13.5" Deep 20lbs.
  4. ProAir Brushless 7 speed Digital Thermostat with temperature sensor
  5. ProAir Controller board for condenser, compressor, evaporator and thermostat
  6. Appropriate wiring harness for all components
  7. Cut to length A/C lines and hoses with PEX style crimp fittings (Easy DIY)
  8. Dryer, low pressure and high pressure switch
  9. Hose Mounting clips, Wiring Diagram



What will I need?

HVAC installer. Once your system is installed by yourself or an installer it will need to be purged, vacuumed and filled to capacity with R-134 refrigerant. 


Full  1 Year Parts replacement warranty against manufacturers defects. Warranty fully provided by