Truma & Alde Frost Safety Valve

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This Drain is purely mechanical (no electricity required) The drain will automatically open if there is a risk of freezing or frost to protect your water system.

Combined safety valve and drain tap. 
Integrated frost protection that opens and drains the water heater automatically when there’s a risk of frost (about 37.4°F, +3 °C) using a mechanical spring that shrinks and opens this valve at that temperature.

The drain tap can also be opened manually. 
Installed close to the boiler’s incoming fresh water pipe and can replace the current manual safety drain valve.

Includes 12mm John Guest to 1/2" PEX adapters. 

May be used with Truma Combi, Alde boilers or pretty much any water system to protect the water system as it is not tied to the Combi/Alde in anyway.